Piteira Winery and Restaurant



Piteira Winery and Restaurant

the Alentejo authenticity.

The Piteira “Talhas” (amphoras) winery and restaurant is an inescapable visit in the small village Amareleja. Here you may find a collection of ancient wine amphoras in a winery still in  production of this way of winemaking typical of the region. Discover as well the exquisite simplicity of the Alentejo cuisine in the Piteira restaurant.  Here you may find those alentejo dishes made with such skill that lead us to come back again and again. You may as well enjoy some of our wine and food programs.

Piteira Winery and Restaurant

Experiences you may find here

Typical Alentejo Lunch paired with “Talha” (amphora) wines

Program: Discover the singularity of the Alentejo cuisine. Taste local delicacies in a tapas style lunch to share, paired with José Piteira “talha” (amphora) wines. Enjoy the lunch surrounded by ancient amphoras in the José Piteira winery.

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