Our Production Houses

Our Production Houses

We assume our local strength and our international ambition. We are present in 9 wine regions nationwide, from the Alentejo to the Douro, passing through Lisboa, Tejo, Dão and Vinho Verde, and currently Algarve, Beira Interior and the Azores wine regions as well.

Herdade do Gamito

Herdade do Gamito is situated in CRATO, higher Alentejo. It counts with 27 hectares of vineyards, a wine tourism project with lodging, in a landscape of Alentejo of rare beauty, smooth cliffs, populated with impressive gigantic granite round blocs. The winery, perfectly integrated in the landscape, was inspired in the best wineries of the new world, being a perfect symbiosis between modernity and authenticity. We produce here today wines that are a regional reference, along with international recognition.  

Amareleza Vinhos

Alentejo is one of the rare places with tradition in amphora wines winemaking. The ancient roman knowhow has been recovered with great excitement in the last years. This is, not only, a winemaking heritage that is recovered but as well a cultural one. This is a tradition well preserved in the Amareleza winery under the mastery of the winemaker José Piteira.

Herdade da Madeira Velha

Luis Bourbon is in charge of the winemaking of this house, a reference in winemaking in Évoramonte. With a wine store located in the historical town center, facing the emblematic Évoramonte castle, the connection of wines and art is a watermark of this house.


Vidigueira is well known for its unique terroir. Wines coming from this sub-region in Alentejo have a natural freshness and superior quality. Here are created some of the best wines in Alentejo, taken the best of what the territory has to offer.

Adega Granja Amareleja

Founded in 1952, this winery is producing distinctive olive oil and wines for the last 70 years. Wines with the sould of Alentejo, of pure tradition of the left bank of river Guadiana. This area of Alentejo, tradicionally dry and very hot, is now slightly tempered by the large artificial lake created by the Alqueva dam. The region produces wines with a very distinctive profile. The rare varietal Moreto is an ex-libris of the winery. This house was responsible for the best world wine of 1989. Today innovation brings the elegance and tradition brings the unique profile of the wines from Granja Amareleja winery, highly appreciated by the most discerning experts.

Adega Penalva do Castelo

The winery Adega Cooperativa de Penalva do Castelo receives annually grapes from more than 1200 ha. It has the most modern winemaking, ageing and wine bottleling technology. It is a reference in the production of fine wines in the region.

Adega de Alijó

Founded in 1960, the winery Adega de Alijó is one of the biggest and with largest social and economic impact in the Douro region. The vinyards lare ocated on the slopes, in man made plateaus, in altitudes ranging from 200 to 600 meters. This provides a great potential for the production of Douro fine wines. This winery is well known by its moscatel wines, sparkling and reserva still wines, besides the typical Oporto wines from the region.

Vidigal Wines

In 2021 the group Abegoaria undertakes one of the most ambitious projects ever – the acquisition of Vidigal Wines.
Vidigal was established in the beginning of the 20th Century in a winery founded by a Church Canon. Throughout the last century the company had several owners. Acquired in the 90’s by the charismatic António Mendes Lopes, Vidigal went through great changes and technological advances that allowed to develop its major strength in the international markets, operating in more than 40 countries with brands of big international success. The ex-libris Porta 6 wine is one of the most successful wine brands abroad and one top seller in the UK.
Vidigal is located in the center of Portugal, nearby the city of Leiria. In terms of production, Vidigal has partnerships in the area of Lisbon representing 1,112 acres of vineyards, as well as in other Portuguese wine regions: Tejo, Douro, Alentejo, Dão, Beiras and Vinho Verde. The majority of wines Vidigal produces, in particular the ones from the region of Lisbon, are originated from vineyards close to the Atlantic Ocean and as such the sea breeze has an influence on the wines we produce, presenting us with a range of wines that are fresh and always very fruity.

Adega Dois Portos

The winery, founded in 1960, is situated in the center of the denomination of origin Torres Vedras within the Lisbon wine region. Alexandra Mendes, President of the Portuguese Association of Enology, is in charge of the winery winemaking, looking to produce wines with strong regional character.

Quinta Vale de Fornos

It is in the transition between the “Campo” and “Bairro” lands that our estate Quinta Vale de Fornos develops its terroir. With irregular orography,chalk-clay and sandy soils, the vinyards develop in between valleys, slopes and hills. The winery is century old. It was built in the XVIII century by D.ª Antónia Ferreira (Ferreirinha) as a wedding gift to her daughter when marrying the Azambuja Count. It still has in production the original marble stone lagares and an impressive collection of large size wooden barrels. Here we produce fine wines with a highly distinctive profile within the Tejo wine region, that have been obtaining international recognition for its quality.

Adega Ponte da Barca

Founded in 1963, the winery Adega Ponte da Barca is situated in the sub-region Lima in the Vinho Verde wine region. The varietals Loureiro (white) and Vinhão (red) have here their best expression, showing very particular characteristics. The whites are very aromatic, elegant with crispy minerality. The reds reveal here their best potential within the region.

Única - Adega do Algarve

Única – Algarve Cooperative Winery, the last Cooperative Winery currently in the Algarve and the third oldest Adega Cooperativa in Portugal. The winery survived the tourist boom in the Algarve, when much of agriculture gave way to hotel developments and spaces for tourism and, where, many of the farmers started to work for hotels and restaurants. The winery wants to keep alive the tradition of old times. Despite the awards and national and international recognition, that demonstrate the winery’s wine quality, it is still relatively unknown to the rest of the country.



Adega da Meda

Meda winery was founded on the 19th of December 1956, initially only dedicated to Douro wines. Today, seduces with its Beira Interior wine region altitude wines, that delight with its freshness and elegance.  

Eruptio - Adega do Pico

Bernardo Cabral has the technical responsibility of our wines from Azores, produced in the biggest and oldest winery in Azores. This winery continues to respect and to preserve the way our ancestors were doing wine.