Our People

Our People



Our project was born on behalf of our local people. But it is our personnel that makes the fulfillment of our mission possible and to keep us faithful to our purpose. The people make the richness of our project. They enable us to keep dreaming and to move forward towards our vision.

Our personnel are linked to our local people, to the land, to the origins of our products. It is this richness that enables us to deliver experiences that have as much of authenticity as of quality. It is the purity of being faithful to the origins and to the best of Portugal.



Strong projects are born from leaders’ strategic vision.  Manuel Bio, manager and entrepreneur, with roots in the left bank of river Guadiana, saw opportunities in the cooperative Adega Granja Amareleja where others were seeing a certain bankruptcy. His father was member of the cooperative. This motivated his interest in the situation of the cooperative. As a good son of the region, he decided to help. In 2007, Manuel took the leadership of the cooperative. In a few years, he restored the cooperative’s credibility and regained the collaboration of most of its previous members. And this was the starting point for a project now called Abegoaria. The strategic and commercial vision of Manuel Bio and the continuous search for production solutions to fuel the business, lead him to develop new projects, first in Alentejo, then in Douro, Lisboa, Tejo, Dão and Vinho Verde wine regions, and now as well in Algarve, Beira Interior and Azores. Today, Abegoaria is a wine business with projects also in olive oil, cheese, ham and sausages and enotourism, with strong national footprint and increasingly becoming a major player in wine exports.



This is the name behind the Piteira and José Piteira brands. A reference in winemaking in Alentejo and master of “talha” (amphora) wines. He is an autodidact winemaker. He learnt on the job and developed his art with a particular and strong personality and a distinctive signature. He started doing “talha” wines since very young, side by side with his godfather. Today, winemakers from other production houses come to him to learn how to work this ancient winemaking technic traditional in the Alentejo wine region. Those who know his wines and his work, know he is a protector of native grapes of the left bank of river Guadiana, like the grape Moreto (red) and Diagalves (white).

António Ventura

Winemaker Adega de Alijó and Vidigal Wines

António Ventura is our chief winemaker at Adega de Alijó. He is one of the big names of Portuguese oenology. António has a degree in agronomy, a specialization in oenology in Germany, a degree in applied sciences in winemaking from the Charles Sturt University in Australia and a postgraduate degree in oenology by the Biotechnology Graduate School (UCP).

With 40 years old of career in winemaking, António Ventura was elected the Personality of the Year by the leading wine magazine in the country.

António Braga

Winemaker Fine Wines

António Braga is well-known for its career within Sogrape group, where he led the winemaking of some the prestigious Portuguese wine brands, besides having worked with CAR in Douro. Internationally, he developed his career in California, Argentina, Chile and New Zealand.

He is reputed as an unconventional winemaker, with training in Enology and Viticulture and an MBA, which gives him a strategic business and marketing vision. In Abegoaria he develops the fine wines category, being presently responsible for the Herdade do Gamito wines.

Bernardo Cabral

Winemaker Eruptio Wines

At the age of 12 wanted already to be a winemaker, as the result of having been born in a winemaker’s family. Trained in Enology and Viticulture by ISA, with a post-graduation in enology by UCP, he started his career as winemaker in 1999. Today, he works as a consultant and has built a partnership with Abegoaria for the launch of the new fine wines from Azores – Eruptio wines.

Luís Bourbon


Luis Bourbon is the head of winemaking at Herdade da Madeira Velha, a reference in the wines of Évoramonte.