Our Purpose

Our Purpose. Our Brand.


We believe that strong projects are the ones with a higher purpose. Projects that make the difference and touch people…in those important and meaningful things.

Abegoaria is our brand. It embodies all that we want to be and defines our purpose. A balance between reason and passion. Because nothing in life is important without a little passion and emotion. We do not want to be modern, neither cool, neither aspirational, neither wow… we want just (and only) to make the difference in people lives. Of all people. Those that work with us, those that partner with us, those that experience our products and services. We now we make mistakes and that we will continue to make them, but everyday we learn and each single day we will be bettter, because our purpose is higher.

We believe in a global world of shared experiences. We are richer the more experiences and diversity we accumulate.  But we also know that a globalized world tends to standardization. And we do not want to lose the identity of something greater. We believe in what Portugal has of good and genuine and we want to protect it and share it. We want to preserve the purest and most genuine wine and food products Portugal has to offer. We want to be at peoples’ table. Now and ever. Linking people to their identity and connecting people through generations. Because it is worth preserving the best of us!



Produce traditional portuguese products and sell trusted wine and food brands, with strong local roots and international outlook, with high emotional value between generations, shared at the table, on the day to day, with high return in a socially responsible and sustainable way.


To be the national and international reference of brands of the genuine wine and food portuguese culture that go through generations.