Our Values

Our values

Closeness. Honesty.
Agility. Accuracy

These are the values that guide us on a day to day basis.

People from the



We are close to the local communities. Socially and economically responsible.


Closeness is something that defines clearly the organization. We are close to local communities. Socially and economically  aware of the importance of the organization to the local communities where we have settled. Close to the wine and food culture and the distinctive richness of the country. We recover traditions and local products that would end in a globalized world. We are close as a team, we work together in a cooperative and responsible way.

We are close to our clients. We try to understand their needs and answer with solutions that do not hurt our DNA. We are close to our customers. We search for solutions with local roots, with strong identity, but up to date to the aspirations of the modern and contemporary consumer. We promote the bonds between people and the proximity to their national identity.

Quality Products


Honesty in the products we place in the market, guaranteeing the trust of partners and consumers. Honesty in the relations between staff, being collectively responsible for the individual work, in a “one for all, all for one” spirit. Honesty in the relations with partners, being transparent in the information given and commitments taken. Honest with the community, making sure to conduct social, economic and ecological responsible behaviours.



Nonconformist and agile is the attitude we have in the market. Nonconformist with the status quo, always searching for solutions that inspire consumers and involve them emotionally with our brands, promoting higher returns to all stakeholders. We identify promptly consumer needs, develop creative solutions and place them rapidly and efficiently in the market.


We are a family company by heart, but our mind wants to work with the accuracy and determination of a multinational company. Accuracy in processes and operations, ensuring maximum efficiency in the operations basics, gainning time and availability of resources for developing creative solutions of maximum effectiveness.